Hollywood Lane

  1. Film Concepts
    We develop high quality intellectual properties for Hollywood's major studios and producers. Developing unique, original scripts based on ANY criteria submitted to us. Anything and everything is possible!
  2. Film Production
    Our network of brilliant production partners bring our ideas to life. Modern producing standards implemented to ensure a range of diverse talent in front of the camera, in the writer's room, and at the helm of each project.
  3. Innovation
    Range of innovative ventures under way -- from pioneering digital products, to large-scale philanthropic developments. We aim to improve people's lives globally with resources for their body, mind, and spirit.
Comedy is important because it has the power to heal people. If they are under pressure, laughter relieves the burden of stress on their body. If they are sick, laughter sends a healing signal to their brain’s control center. If they are in despair, laughter hits the switch to reset their state-of-mind. Laughter is a remedy and an escape.

In tough economic times like these, laughter is the highest gift we can provide to the masses as our part of making the world a better place. Making people laugh is a serious business. To hit the mark in a family-friendly way, we’ve got to take it seriously and make excellence our motto. Comedy is important for the soul.

Verna Lane - Founder, Chairman, CEO